Our Services

Our service offerings are centred around leveraging raw data to create value in your business.

Our core offering is based around transforming data into opportunities for your business, These opportunities can be in a range of different areas and departments, examples of some of these are highlighted below in our services offerings.

Data Analytics and Insights

Data driven strategies and tracking solutions in areas such as

  • Pricing
  • Stock Replenishment
  • Marketing
  • Revenue Generation

Enhanced Customer Insights

Understanding of your customers behaviours

  • Customer Buying patterns and behaviours
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Acquisition

Process Automation

Removing Inefficiencies in extracting and reporting data in areas such as

  • Finance
  • Manual Data collection
  • Stock Replenishment
  • Central business functions

Margin Optimisation

Insights to help you understand areas such as

  • Margin impact on changes to sales mix
  • Build strategies to optimise margin.
  • Understanding you customers.
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